Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wildlife and Warblers on the Gandy Dancer
P3 on the Trail
Between rainstorms this weekend P3, Willow group, enjoyed a hike on the Gandy Dancer trail (out our front door) and found signs of spring in the form of birds, wildlife, and wildflowers all around them. With patience and mindful observation they were able to capture these images. We hope you enjoy- and please feel free to leave comments for the artists to see!

By: Sabrina: 
Scarlet Tanager

Red Squirrel


By: Pachia 

Juneberry blossoms

Sandhill Cranes (from a weekday outing to Crex Meadows)

Red Winged Blackbird

By: Frankie

American Redstart Taking Flight

American Redsart

Trilliums in Bloom

By Kallie: 

Juneberry blossoms

American Redstart



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